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From: Sean
Subject: A Family Matter (gay, celebrity)This story is completely fictional. Though based on people in real life,
this story is not to imply anything about the sexuality of Bruce Willis or
Ashton Kutcher. It is completely fantasy and is meant for that purpose.Enjoy!A Family MatterBruce Willis waited at the door of his Hollywood home having buzzed his
visitor in through the security gate. His visitor was none other than his
friend Ashton Kutcher. Despite the fact that Ashton was very hot and heavy
with Bruce's ex-wife, Demi, Bruce liked Ashton. The dude was good with his
girls and their friendship had grown nicely over time. Sometimes, Bruce
wondered though if Ashton didn't have feelings of more than friendship?
Bruce was bisexual (a closely guarded secret) and sometimes while on
vacation with Ashton, Demi and the girls, Bruce couldn't help but notice
Ashton checking him out as he walked shirtless along the beaches they
stayed at. This flattered and intrigued Bruce who thought Ashton was a
yummy dish.Bruce let Ashton in and the two went junior lolita nude galleries into the living room and sat down."Sorry to come over unannounced Bruce, but there was something very
important I had to ask you" Ashton said in a serious tone."No prob, bud. What is it? Is everything OK?""Yeah, things are great, things are more than great, which is why I'm here.
Bruce..." Ashton paused, gathering himself, "I think Demi wants me to ask
her to marry pre teens nude lolitas her but I don't think I should.""Why not?" Bruce asked in a concerned tone. "Do you think you're not ready
or is it something else?""Bruce, I love her with all my heart but there's something in me that has
reservations. It's not easy to explain or talk about. Sometimes, I get
overcome by these needs and ... well ... I can't talk to her about them
because she'd ... shit she'd just dump my ass for sure."Bruce began to smile to himself. Maybe those stares he'd felt from Ashton
in the past were meaningful after all. Bruce decided to play it safely."Ashton, is there another woman?""NO! Bruce, I swear there's no other woman!" Ashton said almost as soon as
the question was posed. Bruce then knew by the defensiveness of the young
hottie what the answer to his next question would be."Is it another man then?"Ashton just sat stunned, unsure what to say. He stammered and stuttered
and searched for words but couldn't say anything of substance. Finally he
just bowed his head in his hands and started to cry.Watching him sob, Bruce felt badly for Ashton. He clearly had issues with
his orientation and was in pain over it. Bruce walked over to where Ashton
was sitting and knelt before him. He put his arms around Ashton's back in
an embrace. "Dude, it's OK. It's gonna be OK.""God Bruce, I'm just shit! What kind of person falls for a hot babe and
lusts for little melissa model lolita dicks?" Ashton moaned."A very normal person Ashton. A person who's a lot like me in fact."Ashton stopped crying. Stunned, he looked up at Bruce's puppy dog face
right in front of him. The two locked eyes as Ashton realized that maybe
Bruce could help him with more than he thought.Seizing the moment, Bruce leaned in and kissed Ashton gently on his lips.
The kiss was quick, soft, and tender. They looked into each other's eyes
again. lolita preteen top sites This time Ashton saw not only understanding, but desire and lust.
Bruce leaned in again and parted Ashton's lips with his tongue. He put his
hand around Ashton's head to hold it in place as his tongue caressed the
inside of Ashton's mouth making the young man instantly hard.Ashton furiously kissed back and with his hands started to explore up
Bruce's muscular torso. One of the first indications that he might like
guys occurred to Ashton lolita showing pussy pics
when he was a kid and felt funny in the tummy
watching Bruce on "Moonlighting." Now here he was, in the arms of this
stud, about to have the sex of his young life.Bruce stopped kissing Ashton for a minute and began to nibble first
Ashton's neck, then his ears. This drove Ashton absolutely wild as he
moaned in delight. Bruce paused for a minute and whispered into Ashton's
ear, "Now you promise that I'm not being Punk'd right?"Ashton giggled at the thought. His response was to kiss Bruce
passionately. The two made out for what felt like hours but was likely
only ten minutes. Finally, Bruce stood up. With one hand, he beckoned
Ashton to his bedroom and Ashton followed eagerly.Bruce sat down on his bed. Despite the little lolitas preteens nudist
previous heavy petting both men
were fully clothed. Once Ashton joined him, Bruce had the young man stand
in front of him. "Alright baby," Bruce said. "Strip for daddy."If Ashton could've gotten any harder at that point, he would've at the
thought of Bruce being his "daddy." He quickly pulled off his tight
t-shirt revealing his smooth, thin but muscular physique. With the shirt
off, Ashton reached his arms up, slowly and seductively, so Bruce could see
every ripple of his flesh. He slowly turned around and bent over giving
Bruce a face full of his gorgeous jeans clad ass. While Bruce took in an
eyeful, Ashton quickly undid his shoestrings and stuck his ass back a
little further into Bruce's face as he popped both shoes and socks off.
Standing straight again, Ashton undid the button of his jeans, which were
riding low anyway. Slowly undoing the zipper, he pulled the cloth apart
but not down to give Bruce a full view of his treasure trail and the top
part of his brown pubes. Bruce purred in appreciation, loving a man with
hair on that part on his dick but not his chest, just like Ashton. Ashton
dropped his pants to reveal just black briefs that he was pitching a tent
in. Fully erect, he had to be at least seven inches if not a little more.Ashton stepped out of his pants and walked up to Bruce with his cock in the
older man's face. "Does Daddy like what he sees?" Ashton asked teasingly.
Bruce looked up at him then put his hands around Ashton's undies and ripped
them off."Daddy likes it a lot more now!" Bruce smiled before opening his mouth and
going down on Ashton's raging hard on. Ashton gasped at the warm moistness
of Bruce's mouth as it slowly engulfed his meat. Pretty soon, Bruce's nose
was nuzzled in the thickness of Ashton's pubes and Bruce inhaled extremely little lolitas pics
musky scent. Bruce bobbed his head up and down on the cock before taking
his hands and putting them on Ashton's marvelous ass. After about a minute
Ashton stopped him."Wait wait, this isn't right," he said."Oh sorry. I thought this is what you wanted," said Bruce a little
disappointed he had to stop."No silly, what I mean is you still have your clothes on. Let me undress
you."Bruce smiled and raised his arms up. Ashton pulled Bruce's shirt over his
head and tossed it on the ground. For an older man, Bruce had an
impressive upper body, firm and thick, with a valley of hair between his
pecs. Ashton leaned in and licked at Bruce's right nipple causing shivers
of pleasure in the hunk. Then Ashton did the same to the other nipple
before settling in the chest hair in between. He kissed down Bruce's chest
to his hairy belly button, which he stuck his tongue in. Finally Ashton
knelt between Bruce's hairy legs and paid attention to the lower body,
which at this point was clad in only a pair of lounging shorts. A large
stain of pre-cum had developed over Bruce's crotch as it had been a long
time since he'd received attention this hot. Ashton rubbed Bruce's giant
cock through the cloth causing it to spill more pre-cum. Bruce moaned at
Ashton's ministrations. Finally, Ashton removed Bruce's shorts to reveal
the thick nine incher at full attention.Ashton and Bruce, now both fully naked, both got on the bed and into a 69
position with Ashton lying on top of lolita bbs pay sites Bruce. As Ashton fucked Bruce's mouth
and Bruce the same, Bruce spread Ashton's butt cheeks, which were smooth as
a baby's. Bruce took his right index finger and wet it in the sweat
cascading down Ashton's back. bbs kds lolita top Carefully, he stuck it in Ashton's hole.
Ashton nearly shot right then in Bruce's mouth. Though Ashton had lusted
for men, even fooled around with some, he'd never done anything as far as
ass-play went.Bruce had one finger in to the hilt and began to put in another. Bruce's
deliberate and loving finger fucking was too much for Ashton, who shot
right there what felt like a bucket of cum in Bruce's mouth. Bruce removed
Ashton's dick and instead of swallowing the gizz, he spat it on his left
hand. Ashton was too overcome with pleasure to continue sucking so he lay
there with his head on Bruce's legs and his ass in the air. Bruce took his
cum covered left hand and added the cream to Ashton's hole, which he was
now fucking with three fingers. Bruce pulled himself up on the bed letting
Ashton's head rest on the sheets. Then, finally when Bruce felt Ashton was
loose enough, he got up behind Ashton whose eyes were closed from the
pleasure of the finger fuck.Ashton had noticed his lover's movements, but it wasn't until the fingers
were gone and something more substantial was at his hole that he realized
just what was going on. Ashton gritted his teeth and started to scream as
Bruce's fat head tried to gain entry. Bruce, not wanting to hurt Ashton
reassured him quietly and said "It's OK babe. Just push out like it's a
shit. I promise I won't hurt you."Finally the head popped in and Ashton began to get used to it. Bruce
slowly pushed in inch-by-inch of his cock keeping one hand on Ashton's
shoulder and the other on his ass. Once he was in by about six inches,
Bruce decided to little lolitas preteens nudist just get it over with and pushed all of the rest in.
Ashton screamed at feeling the full force of Bruce's monster at once. But
the wiry pubes scratching his ass told him he had taken all Bruce could
give.Bruce held his cock there for a minute letting Ashton get used to its
length and thickness. Then, Bruce began to give Ashton the fuck of his
life. He pulled his cock almost all the way out only to slam it right back
in again just as quickly. Bruce's strokes were long and hard pummeling
Ashton's prostate like a jackhammer. Ashton moaned in pain and pleasure,
which got Bruce very hot. "Oh yeah! Daddy likes it when you make noise
for him! Tell me how much you love Daddy's cock!""I -OH- I love your cock daddyyyy OW!!! I need it! I'm so glad it was the
first cock I've ever had in me!"Bruce slowed for a moment. "The first huh? That explains why it's so
fucking tight! UNH, feel that boy!" He said as he slapped Ashton's ass.
"That's the cock of a real man! Not the cock of a pretty boy, but the cock
of a man who makes pretty boys like you his bitch!"By now both men were extremely sweaty and Bruce's pubes and torso were
soaked. Still pounding furiously into Ashton's butt, Bruce slammed in all
the way and then pulled out sharply causing Ashton to almost fall down."Turn over babe," Bruce grunted.Ashton did as he was told and Bruce pushed Ashton's legs onto his
shoulders. He leaned down and kissed Ashton full on the mouth as he
realigned his cock with Ashton's hole and pushed back in. By now Ashton
was feeling nothing but the pleasure of this hot man's large cock pummeling
his hole. "I want to look at your face when I come; I'm getting close."
Bruce said between gasps and grunts.Despite cumming in Bruce's mouth minutes before, Ashton too was ready to
shoot again. Without even touching his rod, he shot streak after stream lolita showing pussy pics
cum all over Bruce's belly and hairy chest. The spasms of his ass around
Bruce's python were too much for Bruce to take."OH GOD! HERE IT...UNH! I'M GONNA! AWWW!" yelled Bruce at the top of his
lungs as he filled Ashton with shot after shot of his seed.Exhausted, Bruce collapsed on Ashton. Ashton lowered his legs and felt
Bruce's cock soften in his ass after the long, hot fuck was over. He
gently caressed Bruce's hot, firm ass with one foot and he held his spent
and sweaty lover in his arms. Caressing the ass made Ashton wonder what it
would be like to be inside it.
But we'll save that for another time.
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